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Welcome to Hou.Sec.Con 2014, a.k.a. Hou.Sec.Con 5.0, THE Houston Security Conference! This is our 5th year of serving the Houston area. Our mission is to continue to offer a high-quality conference with the goal of educating Houstonians (and anyone else who wants to come out) through great information security talks, training, and special attractions.The last few years have seen us grow to over 400 attendees. And we are planning on this year being the best of all.

Hou.Sec.Con 2014 will be held on October 16. The event will be held at Hotel Derek. Yes, we are changing venues again, but we hope to make the new venue our home for quite a while. Hotel Derek has a great modern and fun atmosphere, and they are super excited to have the best and the brightest of the Houston information security crowd in their hotel. You can find more information about the venue farther down the page.

As you can see, the theme of Hou.Sec.Con has changed again this year. We are honoring the Builders and the Breakers with some very familiar characters. But what do we mean by Builders and Breakers? Let’s see if we can explain…

The Builders are you folks in the trenches everyday, protecting infrastructures and organizations from the bad guys. You are the ones staying up late at night installing security technologies, patching systems, writing policies, performing risk assessments, reviewing logs, and just generally performing all other manner of security minutia.

The Breakers are all of you who enjoy trying to find the holes in the infrastructure. You stay up late also, but you’re busy fuzzing an app, inserting crazy characters in a query, pushing buttons in a weird sequence on a device, sniffing and replaying packets, and otherwise just causing havoc (in an ethical way, of course)!

It doesn't matter which camp you home, or if you spend time in both camps. We celebrate your dedication to the honorable profession of information security! You deserve a break! Come down to Hou.Sec.Con 2014 for a day and enjoy! Along with the website, we’ll be creating new t-shirts, new challenge coins, new badges, and other cool stuff. Ticket sales, CFP, and more are coming soon. And we’re doing it all for the same low price! We’re excited, and you should be too! Mark your calendars now for October 16, 2014!


your hosts

We would like to welcome you to this years Houston Security Conference. We are gearing up for another great year and we are extremely excited to be hosting at the Derek Hotel in the Houston Galleria area. See you there!
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Opening Keynote Speaker :: Dave Kennedy

Dave Kennedy is founder and principal security consultant of TrustedSec - An information security consulting firm located in Cleveland Ohio. David was the former Chief Security Officer (CSO) for a Fortune 1000 company where he ran the entire information security program. Kennedy is a co-author of the book "Metasploit: The Penetration Testers Guide," the creator of the Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET), and Artillery. Kennedy has presented on a number of occasions at Black Hat, Defcon, ShmooCon, BSIDES, Infosec World, Notacon, AIDE, ISACA, ISSA, Infragard, Infosec Summit, and a number of other security-related conferences. Kennedy has been interviewed by several news organizations including CNN, Fox News, and BBC World News. Kennedy is on the Back|Track and Exploit-DB development team and co-host of the Social-Engineer.org podcast. Kennedy is one of the co-authors of the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES); a framework designed to fix the penetration testing industry. Kennedy is the co-founder of DerbyCon, a large-scale conference in Louisville Kentucky. Prior to, Kennedy was a VP of Consulting and Partner of a mid-size information security consulting company running the security consulting practice. Prior to the private sector, Kennedy worked for the United States Marine Corps and deployed to Iraq twice for intelligence related missions.

Closing Keynote Speaker :: Reuben Paul

Reuben Paul is an 8 year old, 3rd grader at Harmony School of Science in Austin, TX. When asked by his 1st grade teacher to illustrate his future career, he drew on a sheet that he wanted to become a Cyber spy.

Today, he is on his journey to make his dreams come true. For the past couple of years, he has been learning about information security and programming for the iOS platform, and this past summer, with the support of his family and school, he founded and serves as CEO of Prudent Games Inc, a company which serves to educate while entertaining his customers. Prudent Games has the motto, "Learn While You Play”. He is currently working on developing games that teach Mathematics, Science and Information Security.

Reuben is not just another computer geek. He lives a life on the edge, between his school, as a straight ‘A’ student and all of his other passions. When he is not playing video games or on the computer, he likes to read, and takes classes to play inline hockey, swim, do gymnastics, kung fu, play piano, drums and do art.

Reuben has been an achiever from his younger days. He was crowned as America’s most beautiful baby when he was 2 years old and in 2013 he was in the news for receiving the honor of becoming the youngest Shaolin Do Kung Fu Blackbelt in America. He was one of the top 10 gymnasts in the 2013 State Finals.

He is an invited speaker, delivering awareness talks on the importance of teaching InfoSec to kids and have been featured at several industry leading Information Security conferences such as DerbyCon, (ISC)2 Security Congress, and now delivering the closing keynote at Houston Security Conference. His debut talk entitled “Information Security from the mouth of babes (or an 8 year old)” at DerbyCon 4.0 has been quoted and referenced by several information security (hacking) sources and has become a source of inspiration to kids and adult alike to start educating Information Security to kids.

One of his favorite quote is “Kid, you’ll move mountains” from Dr. Seuss’ book “Oh, the Places you will go.”

Reuben likes computers, mainly learning about them and finding out how to hack them. He dabbles with the Kali Linux OS and iOS and when he grows up, he wants to be a computer spy (a really good hacker) :-).


Seated in the Heart of Houston at the Hotel Derek. It's awesome. Period.

2525 West Loop South
Houston, Texas 77027

HOTEL DIRECT: 713.961.3000
RESERVATIONS: 866.292.4100

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  • Sir, it's quite possible the people at this conference are not entirely stable.

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